A journey through the senses

  • Dehesa de Luna Orígenes 2019
    Dehesa de Luna Garnacha Blanca 2020
    Dehesa de Luna Rosé 2021
  • Dehesa de Luna Graciano 2018
    Dehesa de Luna Gran Luna 2017
    Dehesa de Luna Purgapecados 2018
The Dehesa de Luna Winery is located in a privileged enclave, surrounded by 2,800 hectares of unspoiled nature and guarded by the animal and plant species that inhabit the place. If a wine is impregnated with the land where it is cultivated... What wine can be produced by vines grown in this place?
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Since 2008 elaborating the best Iberian acorn-fed pigs.
Since we were born, loving Extremadura.
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