Extremorphosis is about turning the pastures of our Ibérico pigs into havens for biodiversity and CO2 capture.
The villages of Extremadura that are transformed to be brought back to life.
The Extrem Puro Extremadura packaging that helps to preserve the planet by being
free from polluting materials and inks.

Four commitments,
a common history.

The four most iconic products of Extrem Puro Extremadura symbolise the four commitments that we have adopted for Extremadura's environmental, social and economic sustainability:

Capture CO2
Promote biodiversity
Conserve the native species
Rural development
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The field of dreams

Now it is time for children to decide about the planet they want to inhabit. Each Extremorfosis campaign package contains a sheet of paper to draw and write your wish for the future of the Earth.
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The canvas of the planet

Three great illustrators in Spain show their true colours on the most iconic product of our geography: Acorn-fed ham.

An illustrious collaboration.

Mercedes Bellido, Cachetejack and Paco Roca are the prestigious illustrators who feature in the collaboration with Extrem Puro Extremadura. A selection of acorn-fed Ibérico hams that will be dressed up as art this Christmas to make the perfect gift.

Beautiful inside... And out.
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The packaging is the hint at what will be revealed...

Find out about the leaders of illustration who have designed the packaging for your next order.
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Who would have thought.

We present the first animated program on the best of Spanish gastronomy. Travel with us to the regions where the most iconic products of Spanish gastronomy are born.

The first animated Gastro Show

“WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT” a history of visionaries, dreamers and a stroke of luck.

Eight chapters in Gastro-ANIMATED format so that you can discover the history of the great treasures of Spanish gastronomy, in a fun and easy-to-understand tone.
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Discover the ideas and coincidences that have defined what you eat today while you enjoy, play and win fabulous prizes.

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Since 2008 elaborating the best Iberian acorn-fed pigs.
Since we were born, loving Extremadura.
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